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The Law Firm represents criminal defendants at bail hearings and bail reduction hearings. Many accused immediately call a bail bondsman when an excellent NJ Criminal Defense bail Lawyer could argue to reduce the bail on  accused charged with serious crimes, or release on own recognizance for petty disorderly offenses, disorderly offenses, or offenses where questionable probable cause to arrest exists. Many accused are preoccupied with being released from jail on bail; an excellent NJ. crminal defense lawyer can represent the client at the bail hearing while focusing the client on the main issue---the criminal charge, disorderly persons charge, petty disorderly persons charge  , or DWI charge against him.


     Generally, the purpose of imposing bail is to present terms that assure the court that the accused will appear for his court appointments.  The point that a criminal defendant has retained a criminal lawyer to represent him in itself shows the court that the defendant has no intention of "running" from the criminal charges but intends to boldly defend the underlying charges againsait him.

     The factors that the court  generally considers in bail hearings and bail reduction hearings rare essentially the same.  However, at Bail Hearings the Attorney usually has to petition the court for a hearing date and submit a written motio for bail reduction.  Generally, the court considers the following factors presented by the Criminal Defense Lawyer at bail hearings: The seriousness of crime  charged against accused; the likelihood of conviction; the extent of criminal punishment; the accused criminal record and previous record on bail; accused record and mental condition; length of accused record in community; accused family ties and relationships; accused employment status and financial condition; identity of responsible members of community who will vouch for accused reliability, and any other factor bearing on the risk or failure to appear.

       There lacks a formula  to asure the accused that his bail will be reduced or that he will be released on bail. The skill and experience of the Criminal Defense Lawyer representing the client at the bail he aring or bail reduction hearing can be the difference in thousands of dollars needed to raise in cash or a bail bondsman. This article is for informational purposes and certainly does not represent legal advice from the law firm.

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      Charles Dawkins Jr., criminal defense lawyer, has represented many criminal defendants at  bail hearings such as disorderly persons offenses and serious offenses such as sex crimes where the court is very dilligent at bail hearings.  The attorney has also written bail hearing motions for reduction of bail when a client is being held on large bails usually due to the seriousness of the charged crime against the accused. Call the Law Office of Charles Dawkins Jr. 24/6 at 888-529-8707 now.

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