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The Law Firm has successfully obtained Naturalization and derivative citizenship for children under 18 based on Naturalization of one or both parents. Naturalization is very important for many permanent residents for various reasons ranging from patiotism to the United States to a desire to vote in Presidential elections. Regardless of the underlying reasons for naturalization the Law Office of Charles Dawkins Jr. LLC is able to professionally complete the immigration forms and prepare the client for the interview with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).


Unfortunately, many clients only consult an immigration lawyer when they have potential problems in their Naturalization Application such as failure to register for selective service or arrests that may affect fulfillment of good moral character requirement. The Law Firm of Charles Dawkins Jr. can clarify and attempt to resolve the problem for the applicant.

An Applicant for Naturalization must fulfill certain requirements before the Applicant is able to apply for Naturalization (N-400) as an American Citizen. Generally and applicant must fullfill the following criteria to apply for Naturalization:(1) Applicant must be lawfully admitted for Permanent Residence;(2) Applicant must be at least 18 years old at time of filing the application; (3)Applicant must have satisfied certain residency requirements; (4) Applicant must have continuous residence in the United States; (5) and the Applicant must have physical Presence in the United States.

Moreover, for Naturalization (N400) purposes, good moral character must exist during the statutory period and continue from time of filing of the application through the administration of the oath of allegiance. Also, failure to comply with Selective Service registration requirement may be grounds for denying application for naturalization to citizenship based on lack of good moral character or other basis if the person knowingly and willfully failed to register for selective service.


The Law Firm represents clients seeking Naturalization and Citizenship (N-400) for all municipalities in New Jersey and every state in the United States. The above information is cursory and certainly does not represent legal advice. Call today the Law Office of Charles Dawkins Jr. LLC at 1-888-529-8707 for the Attorney to professionally file your applications and appear with you at USCIS for your naturalization and citizenship hearing.

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