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Permanent Residents, foreign nationals, and undocumented immigrants who are arrested by law enforcement may obtain a detainer while in prison. This means even if the person pays criminal/disorderly persons bail, the person will not be released from jail custody. Undocumented persons who have been arrested but not been charged with violations of criminal law in New Jersey often are detained in Elizabeth Detention Center which is far better than jail but still is a significant deprivation of freedom.


Charles Dawkins Jr. is an experienced Immigration Attorney and State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer who has represented clients in Removal/Deportation Proceedings. Generally, noncitizens seeking admission to the United States who are inadmissible or noncitizens who have been admitted who are deportable are placed in "removal proceedings". Some of the crimes that may subject a noncitizen to removal or deportation are the following acts: (1) Crimes of Moral Turpitude; (2) Multiple Criminal Convictions; (3) Aggravated Felony; (4) High Speed Flight; (5) Controlled Substance Violation; (6) Controlled Substance Trafficker; (7) Certain Relatives who benefit from drug trafficking; (8) Drug abusers and addicts; (9) prostitution and commercialized vice; (10) noncitizens involved in criminal activity who have asserted immunity; (11) Certain firearm offenses; (12) Smuggling; (13) Crimes of domestic violence; (14) Significant traffickers in persons; (15) Security and Related Grounds, (16)Terroristic Activities; (17) and Failure to Register Change of address or falsification of documents.

Convictions for Aggravated felonies is a special category which enhance the probability for noncitizen's deportation/removal, generally because a client who is convicted of aggravated felony is unable to obtain most relief offered to noncitizens in Immigration Court.


Immigration Law is complicated. Noncitizens who are competent generally lack the right to legal counsel. Many immigration legal aid organizations represent noncitizens, but their concentration is on Asylum and abused or repressed groups of society. The individual who is in deportation hearing for an underlying crime or alleged misdeed should certainly seek immigration counsel preferably before the noncitizen pleads guilty to the underlying charge or gives a factual basis for any Pretrial Intervention. The Law Firm of Charles Dawkins Jr.,because of their extensive removal/deportation experience and knowlege of State and Federal Criminal Law is uniquely able to assist the client reach the best immigration resolution.

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