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Effective And Skilled New Jersey State and Federal Criminal Defense Representation

From the most serious crimes to municipal misdemeanors, and juvenile adjudications count on the Law Office of Charles Dawkins Jr. located in Elizabeth, New Jersey and serving all municipalities located in New Jersey, for effective skilled criminal defense representation. The Law Firm provides criminal defendants with top-notch criminal law representation in state and federal courts. If you need a defense attorney, contact his office as soon as possible. The earlier the attorney gets involved in the case, the better for the client.

Scales of Justice - Criminal Defense

New Jersey State Criminal Defense Lawyer

Charles Dawkins Jr. has represented criminal defendants charged with serious criminal charges. The Attorney has experience plea bargaining criminal defense cases and trying criminal defense cases---the goal is effective resolution for the client.

The Law Firm refuses to encourage or coax clients who vehemently assert their innocence to plead guilty to any crime, disorderly persons, or juvenile adjudication. The Law Firm however must realistically advise the client of the evidence the State has against the Client.

The Law Firm represents Clients charged with All New Jersey Crimes--- that includes the below crimes.

Criminal Homicide,Cloning, Assault, Reckless Endangering; Threats, Kidnapping, Coercion, Sexual Offenses, Robbery, Bias Crimes, Arson, Criminal Mischief, Burglary and Other Criminal Intrusion, Theft and Related Offenses, Forgery and Fraudulent Practices, Domestic Violence, Bribary and Corrupt Influence,Perjury, Obstructing Governmental Operations; Escapes, Misconduct in Office: Abuse of Office, Riot, Disorderly Conduct, Public Indecency, Controlled Dangerous Substance, Anti-Drug Profiteering, Drug Dealer Liability, Drug Paraphernalia, Conditional Discharge for Certain First Offenders, Gambling Offenses, Terrorism, Firearms, Other Dangerous Weapons and Instuments of Crime, Other Offenses Relating to Public Safety, Racketeering.

New Jersey Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Federal Sentencing are substantially different from the New Jersey State Criminal Code. The Law Firm has experience trying Federal Cases; moreover, New Jersey United States Attorneys prosecute cases differently then the State--- the rules of Evidence are very different, such as the Jencks Rule, and the United States has vast amount of capital and experts---including the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The United States Attorneys' jail penalties are harsher then the state and there is no parole. if charged with a federal crime---hire an Attorney who has experience in New Jersey Federal Court. Call the Law Office of Charles Dawkins Jr. . This is not the time to have a New Jersey State Criminal Lawyer figure out the Federal System.

Contact Charles Dawkins Jr. today in Elizabeth, New Jersey, for a NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer.