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  • "Fairness Is What Justice Really Is."

    - Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart

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A skilled and experienced NJ Law Firm Specializing in Criminal Defense, Serious Personal Injury, and NJ State and Federal Civil and Criminal Appeals.

NJ. Criminal Defense Law Firm

Legal Philosophy--- Time, preparation, and focus are essential in effectively representing the client in criminal law matters. The Law Firm represents clients charged with all NJ. State and Federal Crimes, and Juvenile Adjudications. The following are some of the NJ federal and State criminal charges, and juvenile adjudications: ARSON, ASSAULT, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, EMBEZZLEMENT, FRAUD, JUVENILE OFFENSES, MANSLAUGHTER, MURDER, SHOPLIFTING, ROBBERY, SEX CRIMES, ALL CRIMES, AND ALL JUVENILE DELINQUENCY MATTERS.

As an Attorney I do not judge people---I represent the Constitution of the United States to the best of my ability. Due process violations are not legal technicalities, due process is essential to fundamental fairness and justice. "The Judge who always likes the result he reaches is a bad judge." (United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a New Jersey Native, reportedly speaking at SMU)  

NJ Federal And NJ State Civil Appeals And Criminal Appeals Law Firm

The Law Firm has successfully argued and appealed precedential cases before the NJ. Supreme Court, ST . v. 1515 Broad ST., LLC, 241 NJ. 257 (NJ 2020) and the New Jersey Appeals Court, Nasir Memudu Administratior Ad Prosquendum v. Joshua Gonzalez et. al A-0110-22 (NJ. App. Feb. 27, 2023 (appealed and written briefs to the Third Circuit Appeals Court and the United States Supreme Court. The Law Firm is familiar with the legal basis for NJ Federal and NJ State appeals. The Firm with a support team is prepared to investigate the merits for appeal; advise the client of the firm's opinion regarding the appeal, and the firm is prepared to appeal any NJ State Civil or NJ Criminal case or NJ Federal Civil or NJ Criminal Case or submit Habeas Corpus Brief or Post Conviction Relief.

NJ. Serious Personal Injury Law Firm

The law firm is currently handling wrongful death and Survivorship suits.  The wrongful death of a loved one through an auto accident, medical malpractice, excessive force, and other means is considered a serious matter. that the Attorney must investigate, obtain expert reports, and often complete depositions. The NJ wrongful death and survivorship statute is very specific. The issue as to whether the person briefly survived the injury is one of the significant issues argued by Wrongful Death plaintiff attorneys.

The Law firm sues dog owners who permit their dogs to bite citizens. The estimate is that 4.5 million dog bites occur per year nationwide and 800,000 go to the hospital---enough of this negligent madness. In New Jersey, negligent owners should be sued. The firm also represents people who are injured due to premise liability such as slip and falls, and the law firm represents individuals who have been seriously harmed through assault and battery. The criminal law prosecutes people for assault and battery but in some cases, the victim should recoup loss wages, pain, and suffering, and medical costs for serious injuries caused by assault and battery.

Dram Shop liability applies to Establishments that sell alcoholic beverages to visibly intoxicated people who foreseeably assault people causing injuries. Drunk drivers in New Jersey cause many accidents per year which could have been negated if a responsible Tavern owner would have cut the person off for Drinks. In some cases, even the Drunk drivers can sue the Tavern owner.

The law firm represents victims of Auto Accidents caused by motor vehicles, buses, motorcycles, trucks, and Auto Accidents between cars and pedestrians. While all of the accidents can be serious the law may vary as it relates to damages, personal injury protection, and the statutory law that determines the party that is at fault for the injury. The verbal threshold law is particularly significant when assessing the law as it relates to the accident victim. Moreover, even if the accident vehicle is entitled to damages the Attorney may be required to submit certifications and expert reports to assure that the victim obtains the maximum recovery.

Sometimes apparently minor NJ personal injuries turn into serious wrongful death and Survivorship injuries. 

Immigration Law Firm

The Immigration Attorney has experience practicing in the following areas: Deportation and Removal Proceedings; Naturalization and Citizenship Applications; Permanent Resident Visas, (Green Cards), Non-Immigrant Visas, Board of Immigration Appeals, and the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals. While the Law Firm does has extensive immigration law experience, the law firm is not taking on many new immigration cases.

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At the Law Office of Charles Dawkins, Jr, we focus on Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Immigration, and Federal & State Appeals and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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The Law Firm represents clients in all New Jersey Counties and municipalities including the following counties: Union County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Hudson County, Mercer County, and Camden County.