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Assault Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Firm represents defendants accused of "assault." The issue of whether assault is a petty disorderly persons, disorderly persons offense or aggravated assault depends upon the underlying facts of the case. Assault can be a complicated offense because of the broadness of the New Jersey assault statute.


The gradation of assault crimes has myriad factors and for the specifics, a defendant should consult an attorney. Generally, the least serious assault is "simple assault which is a disorderly persons offense, except in one situation when simple assault is a petty disorderly persons offense. Simple Assault charges are heard in New Jersey Municipal Courts. A municipal judge hears the case---no jury.

The complicated and serious assault is "aggravated assault." The grading of aggravated assault is generally dependent upon four factors (1) the amount of injury caused or attempted to be caused on the victim (2) whether the accused used a firearm or other dangerous weapon (3) the mental state of the defendant; (4) and the status of the victim. These factors determine in part whether aggravated assault is a second degree, third degree, or fourth degree crime.

I have represented many people charged with aggravated assault because they were charged with committing "simple assault" on a police officer. The "status of the victim" is significant in determining aggravated assault. The New Jersey Code explains 9 protected classes of workers that the accused only have to satisfy the simple assault requirements to be charged with "aggravated assault." Another example is bodily injury caused to a person while fleeing law enforcement is heightened to 2nd degree Aggravated Assault while in many other instances the accused needs to satisfy "serious bodily injury to satisfy 2nd degree Aggravated assault.


The above is not legal advice but is cursory is strictly for informational purposes. The Law Firm has represented clients charged with simple assault to serious aggravated assault and as mentioned above countless people charged with aggravated assault of police officers. The requirements for simple assault are so minimum that many people charged with resisting arrest of police officers are also charged with aggravated assault.

As mentioned above, Assault cases can be complicated because of the many fact patterns involved in assault such as weapons, automobiles, drugs, and alcohol; and the seriousness of assault cases range from petty disorderly persons offenses to 2nd degree aggravated assault. If charged with any assault charge the accused should contact the Law Office of Charles Dawkins (908) 962-9929. The Attorney represents people charged with Assault in Courts located in Elizabeth, Newark, New Brunswick, Somerset, and county courts and municipalities in the entire state.

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