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       Auto accidents or car accidents can be life altering injuries for victims of auto accidents. Auto Accidents unforutunately happen too often in the State of New Jersey which is the most densely populated State in the United States.  When faced with a serious automobile injury a   dedicated car or auto accident lawyer is  essential to obtain the just compensation.

     In a serious car injury no amount of money is enough to put the person in the place that they would have been before the accident. Chiropracters, Doctors of Osteopathy,  and Medical Doctors routinely attempt the least  invasive methods to correct the car accident or auto accident injuries, but unfortunately some car accident or auto accident injuries are permanent injuries.  Moreover, unfortunately some car accident or auto accident injuries require surgery or psychiatrist.


     Car or Auto Accidents fall under the Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act (1998) to keep down insurance costs.  The Act set up a revised "Limitation on Lawsuit" option which restrict when an injured person from a car or auto accident may bring a claim against an at-fault driver. However , generally when a car or auto accident involves an at- fault driver  who is  driving a truck, a commercial van, a bus or other than a conventional passenger car, the lawsuit limitation will not protect the at fault driver. The reader should seek counsel from an auto or car accident lawyer for more information.

     The injured car or auto driver may be permitted to meet the lawsuit limitation threshold if the injured auto or car driver can show one of the following  results:

                                                    1. Death                                                                                                                                                                                              2. Dismemberment                                                                                                                                                                            3. Significant Disfigurement or Scarring                                                                                                                                        4. Displaced Fracture                                                                                                                                                                        5. Loss of Fetus (or unborn child)                                                                                                                                                    6. A permanent injury within a reasonable degree of                                                                                                                    medical probability, Other than scarring or disfigurement.

     Once the victim of a car or auto accident meets the lawsuit limitation  regarding one injury the victim of a car or auto accident is entitled for compensation for all injuries when all of the injuries may not  meet the limitation.  The issue of whether the victim in an auto accident has met the lawsuit limitation is complicated and is the  source of much litigation between insurance companies and car and auto accident lawyers for vicitims of car or auto accidents. The issue of "permanent injury" has a legal definition and requires a certification from a licensed physician who has treated the patient that states under the penalty of perjury that the plainfiff has sustained an injury that meets one of the above specific type of injury that meets the limitation.


      Car and Automobile Accidents are handled by Charles Dawkins Jr on a Contingency basis.  The Attorney will not accept any case that after evaluation that he does not opine that he will win through settlement or trial. The Attorney seeks serious injuries from car accidents. The Attorney concentrates on a few good cases rather than pursue a quick turn over of minor injuries that may be able to be worked out independent of a car or auto accident Attorney.

     All serious auto or car accidents should seek an Attorney to represent them against the insurance companies who are well experienced in car and auto law because that is all they do.  Contact the Law Office of Charles Dawkins Jr. LLC at (908) 962-9929.  The Attorney represents victims of car and auto accidents throughout the entire state of New Jersey.  The Attorney offers free legal consultations; and the Attorney will travel to hospitals or meeting places for serious injuries from car or auto accidents.

The above article is not legal advice but is written for information purposes. Car and Auto Accidents have many claim and liability issues; and are fact specific.  A person should speak with a car or accident attorney for legal advice.