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Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyer

New Jersey considers domestic violence crimes as a serious crime against society. Domestic violence crimes are consistently prosecuted in New Jersey. Individuals accused of Domestic Violence Crimes come from all social and economic backgrounds and ethnic groups.

Domestic violence means that one or more of the following acts is inflicted upon a person protected under the act: (1) Homicide (2) Assault (3) Terroristic threats (4) Kidnapping (5) Criminal Restraint (6) False Imprisonment (7) Sexual Assault (8) Criminal Sexual Contact (9) Lewdness (10) Criminal Mischief (11) Burglary (12) Criminal Trespass (13) Harassment (14) Stalking (15) Criminal Coercion (16) Robbery (17) Contempt of domestic violence order, and any other crime involving risk of death or serious bodily injury to a person protected under the act.

If Law Enforcement arrives on the premises for a domestic violence act and finds probable cause for domestic violence the alleged perpetrator will be arrested and law enforcement will seize any weapon that may expose the victim to domestic violence.

Domestic violence charges and convictions sometimes relate to family court in restraining orders, custody of the children, and divorce. If charged with a domestic violence crime, the accused should retain experienced counsel. Charles Dawkins Jr, Esq. has defended and tried domestic violence cases and defended or assisted in obtaining restraining orders. Moreover, as an Assistant Newark Municipal Prosecutor, he has prosecuted countless domestic violence charges. He currently defends domestic violence crimes in the courts located in Elizabeth, Newark, New Brunswick, Somerset, and domestic violence crimes in all municipalities and county courts in New Jersey.

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