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Dram Shop Lawyer

Dram Shop Lawyer who represents people who are victims of injuries caused by drunk drivers who have been served by bars, taverns, hotels, restaurants, or any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages (The New Jersey Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Server Fair Liability Act).  Even drunk drivers who are injured when served by alcoholic beverage servers may sue the tavern owner under the Dram Shop Act.  

DRAM SHOP LIABILITYThe person who is injured by a drunk driver or sustains property damage may be able to sue the alcoholic beverage server generally if the injured person can establish various points:

  • The Establishment is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages
  • The injuries that were suffered are foreseeable damages
  • The injuries were proximately caused by the alcoholic beverage server either to a visibly intoxicated person or to a minor where the server knew or should have known that the person served was a minor.
  • The damages suffered by the assault of the intoxicated person proximately caused by:
    • negligent service of alcoholic beverages
    • Alcoholic beverage servers failed to show reasonable care to protect patrons, or
    • failure to take reasonable measures to safeguard patrons when they leave the premises.


Attorney Charles Dawkins Jr. has prosecuted and defended drunk drivers. Drunk driving causes unspeakable destruction to families, property, and persons. The United States repealed the prohibition laws enacted by the 18th amendment by enacting the 21st amendment.  People have a right to drink and even get drunk. You have a right to sue the tavern owner, restaurant, or bar who knowingly serves the drunkard and then sets him loose to assault innocent people.  Even the drunkard may be able to sue the tavern owner.  Economically selling liquor is more profitable than selling food!   Call the Law Office of Charles Dawkins Jr. at 908-962-9929 or online for a free consultation.

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