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Robbery Criminal Lawyer

Robbery is a serious crime that if convicted of Robbery the accused will likely be committed to a period of imprisonment. Robbery generally involves a person who commits a theft, and in the course of committing the theft: (1) inflicts bodily injury or uses force upon another; (2) threatens another or purposely puts him in fear of bodily injury; (3)or commits or threatens immediately to commit any crime of the first or second degree.

Robbery Crime Requires Diligent Lawyer

Robbery requires the Attorney to conduct a diligent investigation and the attorney must have a knowledge of specific legal issues that are unique to defending robbery cases. In many cases, Robbery cases are prosecuted on what is referred to as "circumstantial evidence" without any percipient witness to the Robbery Crime. The No Early Release Statute applies to Robbery, and the conviction of Robbery may qualify as an aggravated felony under Immigration and Nationality Act---this is a crucial issue for Permanent Residents.

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