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Sexual Assault Criminal Lawyer

Sexual Assault is prosecuted in the state of New Jersey. Sexual Assault law in New Jersey is complicated and experienced and intelligent legal representation is essential. Moreover in Sexual Assault prosecutions, the sexual assault victim may consult with prosecutions on plea negotiations. Also, the requirements under Megan's Law are triggered by convictions of Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault. A person subject to Megan's Law must register with the police department which he lives. The person convicted of sexual assault is classified in one of three tiers. The higher the tier classification, the more people find out that the person has been convicted as a sex offender.


I have represented people charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault. Conviction of this crime is life altering. The prosecution prosecuted my client for aggravated sexual assault with the zeal of a pit bull. None of the clients who I have represented for Sexual Assault or Aggravated sexual assault have had prior convictions.  The police are obligated to investigate this crime which gives a lot of power to the accuser. I have represented criminal defendants who were charged for acts over 24 years age.  Some Sexual Crimes in the State of New Jersey have no statute of limitations. 

Provisions under the law have unique legal concepts such as Parole Supervision for Life and the Sexual Violent Predator Act. The consequences of pleading or being found guilty under the aggravated Sexual Assault and Sexual Assault provisions of the code are onerous. You need dedicated intelligent criminal defense representation if you are charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault or Sexual Assault. Contact the law office of Charles Dawkins Jr. now! He is a criminal lawyer that represents clients accused of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault in courts located in Elizabeth, Newark, New Brunswick, Somerville, Morris, and the entire state of New Jersey.

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